We’re jamming, we’re jamming, we’re jamming, come on…

We were invited by Scott, a guy we met at the Sanford gig we had, for dinner at Fish on Fire and to join in with their regular Thursday night jam. We didn’t know… Continue reading

College basketball at UCF! Whoosh!

Last night Jim, Amanda’s husband, took us to a college basketball game. I drove there from work and met Stephen and Jim for a BBQ meal at 4 Rivers, close to the university.… Continue reading

Surf’s Up at Cocoa Beach

Our lovely friends Josh and Brenda invited us over to their place at Cocoa Beach – actually a smaller beautiful beach near to Cocoa Beach – on Sunday. The weather was perfect and… Continue reading

Little Fish Huge Pond – our second American gig!

After the bowling/karaoke extravaganza, we were slightly apprehensive about playing a gig on Saturday night at a venue called Little Fish Huge Pond in a town nearby called Sanford. On the way we picked… Continue reading

Karaoke at a Bowling Alley?!

Friday night we had a bonding session with the work crew, bowling! Well that’s what we were intending to do when we arrived at King’s Bowling on I-drive, but after settling into the… Continue reading

Superbowl Sunday and our first GIG in the U S of A

After Miami it was Superbowl Sunday – and so we headed downtown Orlando to watch the game, and the commercials. It was my first experience of an American Football game and it turns out… Continue reading

Welcome to Miami!

This weekend we explored the “party” town of Miami. The best and only reference we had was Will Smith’s hit “Miami” – so expectations were high. Party on the beach ’til the break… Continue reading

WWE … Wrestling Weekend Ends… In a downtown brawl!

So we went downtown to the Big Trash Bash… that’s right… the Big Trash Bash for more wrestling. A whole wrestling day in fact, at an American bar. We got the bus downtown… Continue reading

WWG… Wrestling Weal Gators!

Today we went to Gatorland! It was amazing! The best theme park I’ve ever been to! It’s not far from us on south OBT and isn’t as expensive as Disney and Universal etc.… Continue reading

WW…B? Weekend Wrestling Begins!

It all kicked off with Charey an Stevie flying (driving solo) to a wrestling match last night… It’s a funny sport wrestling – it’s more like dancing meets gymnastics. When Stephen asked me… Continue reading