St Patrick’s parade in Dallas, Texas!

So it turns out that Dallas has one of the biggest St Patrick’s day celebrations certainly we’ve ever seen. Our couchsurfing host, Joshie from Puerto Rico, had warned us about the wild nature… Continue reading

Feeling hot hot hot 

When we arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we didn’t expect much, but when we drove through the beautiful and wild national park we realised this was a magical place.  The couple we were… Continue reading

At the crossroads of blues in Clarksdale Mississippi

 We spent a full day in Clarksdale Mississippi. When we first came into the home of blues we didn’t know what to expect. The drive on Highway 61 is full of green lands, endless farms on… Continue reading

That’s alright now Elvis, you big hunka hunka burning love

Graceland was our first stop in Memphis. It’s a little expensive, but you do get to see his lavish life in a glorious mansion, with two jets and a lot of cars. Your… Continue reading

Walking in Memphis 

Our arrival in Memphis was to foggy rainy weather, sadly making the place look bleaker than I’d ever expected. We had heard the place was poor, but some of the streets were ghostly,… Continue reading

Away from Broadway – Nashville day two

We decided on day two, after seeing the same two boozy couples on the bus with their usual hip flask, to avoid the strip, and check out the rest of Nashville.  Jack White… Continue reading

Country music land aka Nashville

On the way to Nashville we drove through the Smoky Mountains, and we finally saw some sun. It was beautiful. One of the roads, called the Foothills Parkway, has viewing points where you… Continue reading

Snowy days in the Smoky Mountains

Usually when it snows in England we all take a dramatic “it’s not safe to drive in” free day off work or school. We play in the snow for about half an hour… Continue reading

Tennessee – Ruby Falls and JD!

After escaping our couchsurfing host, by leaving at 6am in a frantic panic, we certainly made the most of the next day and set off on the road towards Tennessee. We felt like… Continue reading

Atlanta day two – Martin Luther King historic site

I found the free historic site for Martin Luther King on the street he grew up in, incredibly moving. The street is called Auburn Ave. and we used the Marta buses to get… Continue reading