Cali, Colombia: The ugly city with a passionate, beautiful side, San Antonio, San Cipriano and the Copa

We are leaving Colombia in less than two weeks and I am preparing for some serious excitement. The blog will be back and there will be plenty of photographs and articles about our… Continue reading

Climbing the to the Three Crosses and Deportivo Cali – we are tourists in Colombia

Yesterday we had a day off to explore the offerings of the Valle de Calca, Cali! We started our morning super early to climb one of the mountains in the west of the… Continue reading

Being British in South America: a hidden expat treasure

When I first travelled to South America in 2013, I had BRIGHT BLONDE hair, I mean seriously bright. Check out the pics: We travelled to the north coast of Colombia – exploring regions… Continue reading

One month in Colombia – the twists and turns

We have been in Colombia for one month now, and it’s flown by. Everyday has been different. Our band, Charlotte’s Road Band, plays regularly and we are working as a freelancers. We used… Continue reading

Being musicians in Cali, Colombia

When we first arrived in Cali, the first thing we noticed was the heat. It’s quite possibly the hottest place I have ever been, and certainly the hottest place I have ever lived.… Continue reading

Our new South American home – Colombia

We have now been living and working in Cali in Colombia for nearly two weeks, and it has certainly been an experience. We had been here once before, but coming from America, we… Continue reading

A goodbye to the States and a hello to Colombia

Today we leave the United States of America. We are actually a little sad about leaving. We’ve seen a lot of this country, and have taken a lot of positivity from being and… Continue reading

A relaxing rest at Key West

Our penultimate stop in the South of the US was Key West. We’d again heard some incredible things about the place, and were excited to get some relaxing beach time. It was as… Continue reading

The real Gator Land – the Everglades

As soon as we got to the Everglades the land immediately changed. I can only describe it as becoming more wild. It felt dry, yet wet, and you could almost sense the wildlife,… Continue reading

The Florida Pan Handle

After our extremely emotive time in Houston with our wonderful friends, and our time in New Orleans learning about the sadness of Katrina and the remnants of the disaster, we had planned some… Continue reading