Couchsurfing and surfing in Oceanside, California

We took a train to Oceanside from Old Town San Diego, and it was by far the best way to travel. Called the Coaster, the train is a double decker that literally runs… Continue reading

The Hostel Living Room in San Diego, California

We had booked a bed each at USA Hostels on 5th Avenue in San Diego. We kind of knew that. But when we first arrived in the scorching hot heat of the town,… Continue reading

Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, visiting Arizona

It was the day after Vegas and we were tired. I mean really tired. Three days and three nights of drinking in Las Vegas had nearly killed us. But on collecting our rental… Continue reading

Viva Las Vegas! Our Crazy three nights in Sin City…

Neon lights, showgirls, gambling and the desert were the first four things I thought of when anyone mentioned Las Vegas. That was until I actually went. Going to Vegas was never really something I… Continue reading

24 Hours in New York: Manhattan Island

The city that feels like the centre of the world. To get to New York we came on the backpackers trail, via the MegaBus. We left Toronto at 9am and the bus was… Continue reading

Doing Niagara Falls on a Budget

Going to Niagara Falls from Toronto was something we had to do. Everybody that visits the Canadian city does it, but being backpackers, who are travelling the world for three years, we had… Continue reading

Vintage shopping at Kensington Market and making new friends in our new favourite city, Toronto

Toronto is most definitely a place for drinking, eating and… shopping. Most days we have explored Toronto’s fashion districts, and yesterday was no exception. Going back to Kensington Market on a lazy Sunday… Continue reading

Let’s go Blue Jays! Our Canadian baseball experience.

What a day! We started our day with a giant breakfast buffet, of course. Two pancakes, scrambled eggs and streaky bacon later and we were walking in the Toronto sunshine along Carlton Street.… Continue reading

A fishy experience, Poutine and a slice of home!

Our guesthouse may look glamorous from the outside (see yesterday’s blog entry), but we have the unfortunate condition of sharing a bathroom. It’s something you do when you are on a backpacking budget,… Continue reading

Goodbye Cali, Colombia. Hello Toronto, Canada!!

Slightly blurred vision, nausea and butterflies in the pit of the stomach – this was the reaction my body had to waking up at 2am this morning after just one hour of sleep.… Continue reading