Bo-living it up…

When you arrive in Copacobana, just across the border from Peru, you are in Bolivia. And you really know it. The currency is half of that in Peru, and so things are a… Continue reading

Deepest, darkest Peru: From Iquitos to Lake Titikaka

We arrived in Iquitos via the Amazon River on a 12-hour-long boat ride. It wasn’t the most glamorous way to travel, but breakfast and lunch were provided and the seats were comfortable enough… Continue reading

The Amazon Rainforest – It’s a jungle out there

Taking our first steps in black rubber wellies in the Amazon jungle was the first moment I realised just how different this landscape really is. As we climbed across streams on felled logs… Continue reading

The unique city of Havana, Cuba – a blighted city

Stepping out in Cuba Jose Marti airport is the first moment you realised you’ve stepped into a different world. The 1970s-looking building has bright red window frames, low ceilings and is full of… Continue reading

Houston, Texas: Quality time spent with amazing friends

We have been travelling for almost eleven months now, to come to Houston, Texas, and stay with our wonderful friends has been the perfect stop gap. We are so lucky to have friends… Continue reading

Start spreading the news

We’ve been in the US for almost six months now on and off, and our penultimate stop was in one of the most famous cities, New York, for a total of ten days.… Continue reading

I met my love in San Francisco…

Everyone had told us we’d love San Francisco, and we couldn’t wait to get there. But before we arrived we had the opportunity to stay with the daughter of Stephen’s friend, Rachel and… Continue reading

Our first tailgating experience

For anyone who doesn’t know what tailgating is then let me start there. It’s when fans of a sporting team meet in a car park, or parking lot, before a match to get… Continue reading

Into the city: LA, California

We were very ready to leave Orange County when we did. The emotional bus rides, the overpriced food and the filthy rich. Our final location in the OC was at Long Beach. The… Continue reading

Laguna, Newport and Huntingdon Beaches: The Real Orange County

Our first stop in Orange County was in the place I was only familiar with on the reality TV screens of my youth in the form of Laguna Beach. My sister and I… Continue reading