Leaving home again – to Melbourne

  I don’t think I’ve ever been as tired as when we took four flights through Vietnam from London Heathrow to reach Melbourne, Australia. I started to forget who I was and where… Continue reading

Exploring Sydney’s surroundings: The Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains

Our life in Sydney has been largely about saving money to travel some more┬áso we’ve been a bit busy working and all of that. As a result we haven’t been able to travel… Continue reading

Mardi Gras in Sydney: Wow

We were fortunate enough to be in Sydney on the weekend of the famous Mardi Gras – the celebratory parade all about sexual freedom. The event started life as a protest for gay… Continue reading

Alive, Active and in Australia

Our first month has already past in the sunny city of Sydney and we are starting to understand the Australian way of life. The summer here feels endless and so do the beaches,… Continue reading

Welcome to Australia: Our first Australia Day

We arrived in Sydney from South America less than a week ago and it has been a whirlwind few days. Until yesterday we had been doing nothing but applying for jobs and looking… Continue reading

The road to Chile

When we took the bus from Mendoza in Argentina, across the border to Chile, we were expecting the worst. A friend we’d met in Mendoza had made the crossing the day before and… Continue reading

Our favourite hostel in South America

We left BA on a bus across Argentina, booked again with Green Toad, and the buses were the best yet. Our first night bus from Buenos Aires to Cordoba with El Practico left… Continue reading

Buenos Aires and an Argentinian Christmas

We’d already discovered that Argentina is expensive. The most expensive of all the South American countries we’ve been to so far. Although when we visited Puerto Iguazu we thought it was just expensive… Continue reading

Paraty, Florianopolis, and Iguazu Falls – spectacular Brazil

Travelling through Brazil was made slightly difficult, and perhaps slightly more fun, by our missing language link. Brazilian Portuguese doesn’t have as many similarities to Spanish as we’d hoped, and at times we… Continue reading

A Brazilian reasons to fall in love with Rio

When we arrived in hot and humid Rio de Janeiro in the early hours of the morning we took a taxi we’d organised with our hostel to the real life favela we were… Continue reading