First weekend in Orlando: Part two – spooky!

Sunday was an amazing day filled with taxidermy, the weird and the wonderful, and good company. Sabrina and her boyfriend Al took us to St. Augustine, and some other pretty incredible places. It… Continue reading

First weekend in Orlando: Part one

Well the weekend started with “Beer Fridays” a staple American office tradition that had passed me by while I worked away in the UK, but I had the pleasure to be introduced to is on my… Continue reading

Day three: Still in shock

A few aches and pains today, and a breakdown this evening. Had a nice day meeting the Ripley team, and went for a delicious Colombian meal with Amy and Dean: It’s going to… Continue reading

Day two in Orlando: Yeah, I had a car accident

Day two I woke up tired. Jet lag had set in, and instead of waking up at the usual 6.30am, I was wide awake at 5am. Maybe it wasn’t the best start? The… Continue reading

Orlando: Pancakes, The Press and A Pool

Waking up on day one of Orlando was slightly different. The sun was shining on the balcony of our apartment and I wheel-span away in our beast of a minivan to explore some of Orlando for… Continue reading

And we’re off!

I guess it’s fair to say that we are embarking on a trip of a lifetime. It’s an investment in our future, an attempt to learn new things, toughen up, and stay calm.… Continue reading