A universal week

It all started in a small place called “Universal” you may have heard of it, and we live quite close so though it would be a nice Tuesday night adventure. We didn’t actually pay to go into the park, just the City Walk, which is pretty much a theme park. It’s huge, the car park is huge, the “walk” is huge, everything is big.

We decided to undertake an ongoing favourite game of ours, that is Mini Golf. It’s popular in these parts too in transpires. In the world of Universal, the world of tourism, they have a huge movie-themed drive in Mini Golf. Dreams. Came. True.

I am famously excellent at Mini Golf, something Stephen would disagree with… until Tuesday night.

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I got a HOLE IN ONE. That’s right, A HOLE IN ONE. And I beat Stephen by 11 pars, or whatever it is you call them. Glorious!

Stephen wasn’t a happy golfer! He was slightly more satisfied with shooting hoops at the ginormous NBA restaurant.

Wednesday night, the wonderful Ed and his wife Gill took us for a meal at a beautiful college in the oldest part of Orlando, Winter Park. Sabrina and Al, Anne and Chris and Angela and her boyfriend Stephen also joined us. It was a very enjoyable evening that started with Anne receiving a novel with no “e”s in, amazing! And finished with us checking out Ed’s fabulous son perform at a poetry open mic at Austin’s coffee bar in Winter Park. They also have a music open mic, which we will be performing at soon on a Tuesday night!

photo 4photo 5DSC00629DSC00630

Last night we had Anne’s retirement dinner, which was a lovely evening, filled with delicious food and great company. It was also very emotional, filled with happiness and sadness all at once. I have felt so honoured to work for Ripley’s over the years, but very much missed my other UK chums – Becky, Sam, Michelle, James and Rosie.


It was an amazing night. Full of love. I even had a little sing song with the incredible jazz band that were playing.

I am hoping to have some more time soon to update the blog. And when we are on the road, I am hoping I can do it daily. Thanks for reading guys (y’all)!