Orlando: Pancakes, The Press and A Pool

Waking up on day one of Orlando was slightly different. The sun was shining on the balcony of our apartment and I wheel-span away in our beast of a minivan to explore some of Orlando for the day.


Had an exceptionally large breakfast at Denny’s. Exceptional being the operative word. It was delicious.



I nearly managed it all.


We had an incredible encounter with a lovely tourist information lady named Marsha. She was a dream.

We got a selfie, of course, and so many maps – plus a list of the best happy hours!


We bought ourselves some cheap guitars for a wondrous music store, I have a lovely little Epiphone acoustic, which I am very excited to play. And Stephen as a tiny red Fender electric. We are set!

After making our marvellous musical purchases, I was suddenly interviewed by the press, papped if you will. What a day… More to follow. Settling in nicely to our new temporary home me thinks.